• How long have you been doing yoga?

    I started practicing handstands in early 2014 after watching a video of Ido Portal move his body in ways I had never imagined. It soon became an obsession, as I spent every evening throwing my body up against a wall and holding it for as long as I could. After I could hold them off the wall, people started asking me if I do yoga, to which I’d answer, “yoga?”, and so my yoga journey began. Since that time, my practice has evolved into more than yoga, as I love exploring any bodyweight movement including, but not limited to, multi-planar locomotive style movements.

  • Did you do gymnastics or other fitness before yoga?

    `I’ve never done gymnastics or circus. I played sports growing up, and in high school I began lifting weights. I lifted weights on and off for years, but found that I was really strong, but very tight and had very little functional strength. Once I began my bodyweight movement practice, I dropped the weights. I DO believe weights can be useful alongside a bodyweight practice, though I don’t use them myself.

  • What does your fitness routine look like? How often do you practice and for how long?

    My practice varies a lot. Sometimes I practice for 15 minutes, and sometimes it’s hours and hours. The only thing that is for sure is that I do it every day. Consistency and dedication to practice is key. I don’t have any specific routine, as I usually just warm up my body with stretching and some sun salutations and then move around in whatever way feels best that day. A lot of my practice is based around strength building exercises, arm balances, and animal locomotive movements.

  • I’m a beginner and don’t know where to start. How do I start a fitness routine?

    You can start by simply taking a class! If that doesn’t work for you, then hop online and find classes on CodyApp.com, or just get on YouTube or Instagram and start finding inspiration. Resources are limitless these days! I started by taking classes on CodyApp and by following people on Instagram and trying to do what they do.

  • What does your diet look like?

    I don’t have any one specific diet, and I don’t believe there is one specific diet that works for everybody. I’ve explored a lot of different types of eating including a vegan diet, vegetarian diet, and a paleo diet. I currently don’t follow any of these strictly, and I just eat what makes my body feel good - sometimes that includes animal products. I encourage people to explore foods and decide what’s best for them based on the energy it provides.

  • Where are you based?

    I own a home in Seattle, though I am currently traveling and exploring the world indefinitely, enjoying a nomadic lifestyle.